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NE series bucket elevator plate chain

NE series bucket eleva...

1. Overview 1. TB-NE series board chain hoist (hereinafter referred to as NE ser...

NSE efficient board chain bucket elevator

NSE efficient board ch...

NSE series of high-speed board chain bucket elevator is the introduction of simi...

FU series chain conveyor

FU series chain convey...

1. Overview 1.1 FU series chain conveyor (referred to as "chain transporting mac...

Note TGD steel tape bucket elevator

Note TGD steel tape bu...

1.N-TGD use 1.1 N-TGD wire tape bucket elevator (hereinafter referred to TGD) ha...

BL plate feeder

BL plate feeder

Apron Feeder is widely used in mining, cement, mining and chemical and metallurg...

LD series of high temperature stainless steel conveyor feed

LD series of high temp...

1. LD Uses 1.1 horizontal conveyor is capable of simultaneously and continuously...

 Jiande City Conveying Machinery Co., Ltd. (Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province under) is the first production of transport machinery, Hangzhou, transportation equipment, one of the production. Located in the scenic Lake River, 320 State Road Palace and over, the factory back of Hangzhou Expressway, transportation is very convenient. Company covers an area of 48,015 square meters, plant area of 25,300 square meters, with more than 230 professional and technical personnel, including 3 senior engineers, 8 engineers, the company is large-scale domestic industry, the production of advanced processing equipment, strong technical force.

  • Qiantan Town . Jiande City .Hangzhou City .Zhejiang Province, P.R.China
  • 396112583@qq.com / 13396700372@163.com
  • 0086-571-64160135
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