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工程项目总包 / PROJECT
Ningxia Tianyuan Manganese clinker 6000t / d-line

By sorting fineness can be obtained to meet the requirements of the fly ash. But with the increase in selected sub-system, fine ash output increase and continue to become a commodity, but also continue to output coarse ash. Coarse ash enriched the unburned carbon and crystal thick porous and porous the vitreous, 45μm square hole sieve margin of 60-70% water requirement ratio are 115-120%, inadequate physical and chemical activity can not be directly used, Many plants still direct water rinse emissions. Use of fly ash grinding system grinding to produce an increase in the fineness of the active section, while fresh, making full use of fly ash, while achieving zero discharge of solid waste, environmentally friendly.

The company's ash grinding system can be sorted coarse ash appreciation ten dollars twenty dollars a ton for one hundred two hundred dollars a ton I / II level commodity Ash.


      Grinding system uses the open flow production. Taken directly from the crude ash gray reservoir bottom. By the governor airlock feeder crude ash continuously fed FFM fly ash fine grinding. Air lock feeder frequency control technology, can continuously and stably regulate the flow of material into the mill according to the product fineness requirements. Material into the mill after grinding in the mill, discharged directly to the I level gray powder fineness (≤12%) requirements, no longer need to go through screening or sorting. End mill set pulse bag filter, the heat of the gas within the mill dust discharged in time, strengthen the mill ventilation in order to improve the grinding efficiency, while dust emission concentration of national emission standards and environmental protection requirements. Ground ash conveying mill exhaust or mechanical conveying ash into the ground through the library.